Investigating Jesus

Join us as we investigate the life of Jesus through the words of Luke.  We will take a nearly year long look at the entire Gospel of Luke (breaking when needed), investigating the longest of the Gospels with the same in-depth intensity that Luke used when he first penned the story.

History of the Gospel of Luke

Luke and Acts of the Apostles make up a two-volume work from the same pen, called Luke–Acts. The cornerstone of Luke-Acts' theology is "salvation history", the author's understanding that God's purpose is seen in the way he has acted, and will continue to act, in history. It divides the history of first century Christianity into three stages, with the gospel making up the first two of these – the arrival among men of Jesus the Messiah, from his birth to the beginning of his earthly mission in the meeting with John the Baptist followed by his earthly ministry, Passion, death and resurrection.

Luke-Acts does not name its author. According to Church tradition this was Luke the Evangelist, the companion of Paul, but while this view is still occasionally put forward the scholarly consensus emphasises the many contradictions between Acts and the authentic Pauline letters. The most probable date for its composition is around 80-100 AD, and there is evidence that it was still being revised well into the 2nd century